Published on 18 juni 2016 by Ebonee View

Kwame was a hit at age 16 and in the early 90’s suddenly found himself squaring off with the biggest name in hip hop. Watch his fascinating story.

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  • Mr. Johns 3 jaar ago

    Im unable to watch Kwame Unsung after the 15 second advertisement, im looped back to a menu page and a 30 advertisement…..please help

  • Mr. Johns 3 jaar ago

    Unfortunately i keep getting the commercial ad of walmart. And it loops over and over. That and a menu for other news and shows. Its cool I’ll try 2 find it elsewhere. I’d suggest removing it tho if it cant be fixed, so fans wont get frustrated and disgruntled lol

    • Ebonee View 3 jaar ago

      It works fine in every browser we tested, so we’re not removing it. Unfortunately we can’t find a explanation why the video doesn’t work for you. I hope you’ll find it elswhere. Good luck.

    • Ebonee View 3 jaar ago

      Hi Mr. John,
      The problem is fixed. You can watch the video now. Enjoy.

  • ((((( YEP I SAID IT ))))) 3 jaar ago

    I am trying to look at the documentary Kwame it seems as though I can’t look at the documentary cuz it will not work are there any other suggestion

  • Mr. Johns 3 jaar ago

    Thank u guys 4 upgrading the kwame unsung, it works but it cuts off at 27:00 is there a part 2???

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